Ghana: Auditor General Pushes Out Of Office As Akufo-Addo Accepts Board’s Decision

Ghana’s Auditor-General, Daniel Yaw Domelevo

Accra, Ghana//-Ghana’s President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo today acknowledged the receive of the Audit Service Board’s conclusion on the retirement from office of Auditor General Daniel Domelevo.

In a letter signed by Nana Asante Bediatuo Wednesday, the Secretary to the President said the presidency’s attention has been drawn to the fact that Mr Domelevo’s date of birth was June 1, 1960.

By extension, therefore, it meant he has retired in June last year, the presidency said.

The Auditor-General returned to work today, March 3, after his 167 days mandatory leave.

The embattled anti-corruption crusader, whose retirement age is being challenged by the Audit Service Board, ended the leave he started on July 1, 2020, on Tuesday, March 2.

While social media had been buzzing in anticipation of his return, things took an interesting turn on Tuesday when the Audit Service Board announced that the Auditor- General is deemed to have retired in June 2020 due to some anomalies in his personal records.

In a series of letters between the Chairman of the Audit Service Board, Prof. Edward Dua Agyeman and Mr Domelevo, the latter was asked to explain these anomalies or have some actions taken against him.

Retirement letter

The Board alleged that records at the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) provided by the Auditor-General indicated that his date of birth was 1960 when he joined the scheme on October 1, 1978.

Again the record also showed that the hometown of Mr. Domelevo is Agbetofe in Togo; making him non-Ghanaian but on October 25, 1993, some changes were made.

While the date of birth changed to June 1, 1961, the hometown of the Auditor-General was now Ada in the Greater Accra Region.

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