Corporate Procurement Driving Renewable Energy

Solar panels

Solar panels

September 26, 2017//-For the third year in a row, the Resources Study (the “2017 Study” or “Study”) has found that both residential consumers and businesses are committed to managing their energy usage more efficiently and responsibly.

 Despite low energy prices and dwindling federal support for environmental and climate protections, they remain dedicated to reducing their energy consumption and expanding their use of renewables.

For residential consumers, affordability, and renewables are not mutually exclusive. While cost control continues to be a top concern, it’s followed closely by climate change and environmental awareness. The green movement appears unstoppable, and millennials are leading the charge. Motivated by environmental concerns and social consciousness, millennials are more receptive to new technologies and innovations that will shape the market’s future—from apps to smart meters. Their attitudes and behaviors will continue to drive consumer demand for renewable choices.

Businesses also remain committed to renewable energy strategies along with reductions in energy consumption and costs. They understand the role energy management plays in their overall competitiveness—including their ability to attract and retain both employees and customers. Businesses increasingly view sustainability not as cost center, but as an opportunity to reduce risk, improve resilience, and create new value. As a result, they are exploring new options and planning for greater investment in future efforts.

Download the complete Study to read the findings in more depth, hear from companies who are benefitting from forward-thinking energy procurement strategies, and explore the implications for electricity providers and businesses across all sectors.

About the Study

Deloitte, with strategy and market research firm Harrison Group, a YouGov company, has completed its seventh annual nationwide Deloitte Resources 2017 Study to provide insights that can be useful in helping energy companies and businesses make energy-related investment and business decisions. The Study captures two key perspectives: A residential consumer perspective and a business perspective. It also features testimonials from companies who are successfully pursuing renewable energy procurement strategies.

The Study set out to answer questions including:

  • What are US residential consumers and businesses doing to manage their energy usage?
  • Which energy issues matter most to them?
  • What motivates them to reduce their energy consumption and what would impel them to take additional action?
  • Are they receptive to clean technologies?
  • How can electricity suppliers and energy service providers better meet their needs?

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