Ashanti NPP Women Fume Over Pastor’s Bigotry, Call for Apology

Prophet Badu Kobik

July 30, 2019//-The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Women of Ashanti Region are fuming and raging against Prophet Badu Kobi for his effusions against women from three regions of Ghana.

In a statement signed by Nana Ama Ampomah,  Ashanti Regional Women’s Organiser, the women stated that the “Founder and Leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Badu Kobi, has taken a strong swipe at Ashanti women.

It is for this reason that my good self and the entire Women’s Wing of the Ashanti Region, comprising forty seven (47) constituency women organisers, are strongly appalled and incensed, and for that matter, have issued this statement demanding an unqualified apology from Prophet Kobi.”

The women said, “We, just as other Ghanaians and even beyond, have sighted the controversial video of Prophet Kobi speaking to his congregation, where according to him, women who hail from the Ashanti Region are greedy, materialistic, disrespectful, money-conscious, among other unsavoury remarks.”

“We do not find his despicable remarks just as an attack on only Ashanti women, but an attack on all women, especially the industrious, inventive and hardworking ones who are doing their best to establish themselves, families and businesses as household ones in the society.

Because by these unsavory remarks, all successful women including the young enterprising ones will be unfairly labelled as women who succeed through nefarious activities”, the women said.

The statement pointed out that, “If the man is the type who believes in the socio-economic wellbeing and welfare of women, he will take time to reflect and concede to the fact that he erred, and for that matter must retract and apologise to women in general. Because as adults, it is important that we teach, nurture, encourage and empower our young ones especially the girl child to succeed in their endeavours.”

They explained that, “As a people, the enterprising and property-loving nature of Ashanti women through fair and legitimate means, over the years, have been a strength rather than a weakness since the women are the pillars in our matrilineal society.

This is worth emulating, because our forebears understood the real sources of power from way back, and empowered the women with cocoa farms and other estates. Because properties are the only thing which can be held in perpetuity for their sisters, nieces, daughters and grandchildren ad infinitum rather than Brazilian hair or make up.”

“We of the Ashanti Regional Women’s Wing therefore condemn unreservedly the behaviour of Prophet Kobi, and call on him to do the honourable thing by eating back his words, and render an unqualified apology to all women in the country, most especially Ashanti, Fante and Ewe women.

He was out of line with those unfounded remarks which do not only demonise enterprising women, but also shame them”, the Ashanti NPP Women emphasised.

By Oppong Baah, African Eye Report