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Somali President Blames al-Shabab for Mogadishu Blast

October 18, 2017//-Somalia’s president has blamed al-Shabab for the countriest deadliest attack, in which more than 300 people were killed.

Volcanic Eruptions Linked to Social Unrest in Ancient Egypt

Around 245 BCE Ptolemy III, ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt, made a decision that still puzzles many historians: After pursuing a successful military campaign against the kingdom’s nemesis, the Seleucid Empire, centred mainly in present-day Syria and Iraq, the king suddenly decided to return home.

Kenyan MP ‘accidentally forwards Sex Tips on WhatsApp’

October 17, 2017//-A first-time Kenyan MP has been asked to apologise after posting a message with sex tips on his constituency WhatsApp group, the local Daily Nation newspaper reports.

How the Monkeypox Outbreak in Nigeria Can be Prevented

Nigeria, October 17, 2017//-Barely a week after the detection of the viral zoonotic monkeypox disease in Bayelsa state, 31 cases have been recorded in seven states across Nigeria.

Severely Wounded Survivors of Somalia’s Deadliest Blast Flown to Turkey

Nairobi, Kenya, October 17, 2017//-More than 300 people have died after twin bomb blasts in Somalia on Saturday, with 40 of the most severely wounded flown to Turkey for further treatment.

Somalia Struggles to Cope with Aftermath of Blast

October 16, 2017//-Somali health workers are struggling to identify and treat the victims of the country’s deadliest attack, as more than 100 people are feared missing.

UN Migration Agency Alarmed over Collision of Navy Vessel, Migrant Boat

Tunis, Tunisia, October 12, 2017//-Eight migrants have died in the wake of a collision between a Tunisian navy vessel and a boat reportedly carrying 87 migrants on Sunday, 8 October. A further 38 migrants have been rescued and approximately 41 are still missing.

Violence Erupts in Kenya over New Election Law

Kenyan police have fired tear gas at opposition protesters a day after their leader Raila Odinga announced his withdrawal from the presidential race, saying he does not expect to be free and fair.

Liberians Vote to Pick Johnson Sirleaf’s Successor

October 11, 2017//Liberians have voted to elect a new president and legislators in an election that will see the country’s first transfer of power from one democratically elected leader to another in more than 70 years.

Kenya’s Raila Odinga Withdraws from Election Re-run

Raila Odinga, Kenya’s opposition leader, has withdrawn from a re-run of the presidential election, saying electoral officials have failed to make necessary reforms.

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