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Ghana Police, FDA Swoop on Tramadol Dealers

April 22, 2018//-Personnel of the Police Service aided by staff of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Pharmacy Council, have arrested two persons who deal in the sale of Tramadol in Tamale , the Northern regional capital of Ghana.

America’s Petty Policy on Used Clothes for Africa

April 21, 2018//-Fostering international development has long been viewed as central to the moral, humanitarian, strategic and security interests of the United States.

New Platform Opens for Entrepreneurs in West Africa

Dakar, Senegal, April 20, 2018//-SuguLab, a complementary entrepreneurial service that will be offered to start-ups and SMEs operating in West Africa, particularly Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and Sénégal, has officially been launched.

Cybercriminals Eye Pharmaceutical Companies

April 20, 2018//-Kaspersky Lab’s researchers have discovered evidence of an emerging and alarming trend in which more advanced cyber threat actors are turning their attention to attacks on pharmaceutical companies and the health sector at large.

How Drought, Reduced Credit Slow East Africa’s Economic Growth

April 17, 2018//-The value of goods and services produced by East African countries dropped in 2017, as the region’s GDP growth slowed to an average of 5.3 per cent, due to the adverse effects of drought and reduced credit to households and businesses.

Why Manufacturing a Key Vaccine in South Africa is so Important

April 16, 2018//-South Africa has been granted a licence to manufacture one of the world’s most important vaccines. It’s the first time the country will be able to do so since the mid 1990s, and is news that will result in many positive spin-offs for the country.

Nigeria Yet To Reap the Benefits of AGOA After 11 Years  

April 8, 2018//-Nigeria is yet to benefit from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), after it was signed into law in May, 2008.

Seven stories from China You Might Have Missed in March

April 8, 2018//-1. China is creating its own clouds In a bid to address water shortages, China is trying to change the weather itself. The new climate-modification system consists of an enormous network of fuel-burning chambers high in the Tibetan mountains, which transform moist monsoon winds from south Asia into rain using a cloud-seeding agent called silver iodide. […]

Selling ‘Waakye’ with Degrees: The Story of Atomic Foods

Accra, March 30, 2018//-What a bold step! Can you imagine your child, brother or sister completes university and after national service comes back to tell you: “I want to sell waakye”?

Zimbabwe President Blames Africa’s Problems on Failure of Leadership

Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 29 March 2018, -/African Media Agency (AMA)/-  Economic recovery and institution building are the challenges faced by all African countries today.

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